Toronto and Ottawa bond over Boy Meets World memes

If there is anything that the former ABC television show Boy Meets World has taught us is that family is important or some lovey-dovey sitcom something or other.

But it still is a fun show to watch and provided the latest meme fodder for Toronto and Ottawa. After a compliment from an Argos blogger, the REDBLACKS expressed their appreciation.

Then it started.

And of course, Ottawa responded with an existential approach.

This is just another example of how good the Twitter masters and social media directors are for both teams. The Skeptical Fry memes after Ottawa used a single last week to break up the shutout were gold. As sports entertainment shifts more and more, we’re excited to see which franchises will be the best tweeters.

The full tweet war can be found HERE, but we’re going to declare Ottawa the winner (because they’ll take a baseball bat to us if we don’t).