Video: Flag wraps up the CFL West semifinal perfectly

Somehow the Saskatchewan Roughriders stayed in the West semifinal as long as they did, eventually losing 18-10. The host Edmonton Eskimos helped out a lot, like this late hit on Weston Dressler.


There are so many great things in this Vine from Roger Kingkade, who gave us permission to use this.

First, that is one happy-go-lucky side judge. Nothing says “I’m happy to be here” quite like a strong approach, a quick skip and a hop. I bet he was a triple jumper in high school track with that solid form.

Second, a late-hit penalty fully describes the play of this game. After picking off Kerry Joseph five times — four of them in the first half — all Edmonton had to do was play decent football. But things like penalties, bad throws or a respectable game by the Riders defense kept Saskatchewan in it.

This is the exact reaction all of Edmonton should have right now.

Yes, Deon Lacey is reacting to the penalty call. Maybe Lacey is just thankful he and the rest of the home team can escape to the West Division title game against Calgary on Sunday, Nov. 23. Or he could be asking for redemption against a dominant Stampeders team next round. Either or, we don’t judge, just like that official getting his groove on.