REDBLACKS say thanks with website

The Ottawa REDBLACKS haven’t had the best season in the CFL this year, as they finished in the bottom of the league with a 2-16 record. However, it was the REDBLACKS best season, namely because it was their only season.

The first-year franchise returned pro football to the province and reconnected tens of thousands of fans back to their nation’s top league. So to say thanks, the REDBLACKS put together a nice online photo spread with videos from head coach Rick Campbell, quarterback Henry Burris and wide receiver Wallace Miles.

This was a classy gesture and an important way to build stability in the area. Celebrating the nine straight sellouts to end the season shows clear support by the city and province to maintaining pro football in Ottawa.

Easily the best and most moving part of the show was celebrating #CANADASTRONG. The hashtag was the response of the country rallying around Ottawa after the horrific shooting on October 23. Canada has only seen one political assassination in its existence — in 1868.

But as seen in other terrible moments in history, athletic events were used to rally the public and move forward as a society. It cultivated in one of the most moving renditions of “O Canada” the world has ever heard.

It was classy, it was touching and it showed that the REDBLACKS were here to stay. Thanks for the thanks, Ottawa. The full site can be found HERE.